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A Page of Madness, Teinosuke Kinugasa, 1926


A father was tucking in his son good night when the son pleaded childishly, “Daddy, can you check under my bed for monsters?” So to amuse him, he checked under the bed and saw his son again who was shaking with tears and whispered, “…Daddy, someone is on top of my bed.”




Weird Japanese Costume by agentultra on Flickr.

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The Jinmenken are dog-like creatures that have the facial features of a human. Legend has it that they appear at night and can be seen running along roads at very fast speeds. They also have the ability to speak, and if they are approached, they will usually ask to be left alone.

Some say that they are the spirits of those killed in road accidents or are the results of scientific experiments that have escaped from labs. Jinmenken have also been viewed by the Japanese as bad omens and have been blamed for various unfortunate and tragic events.

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Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl

Must Have For Tokyo Collection by bruceley on Flickr.

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Strange Circus dir. Sion Sono, Japan 2005


This is the most. Batshit crazy movie I have ever seen. It’s incredible. It’s magnificent. But it’s the most violent, horrible thing. Trigger warning on everything. Literally almost any trigger you could have is covered well in this movie. It’s not for the faint of heart at all, but if you have a strong stomach I highly recommend it because it is a fucking masterpiece.