Why are there no trash cans on the streets in Tokyo?

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I saw the forum where you got that one answer from, & I even found another article supporting that theory of really no trash bins anywhere in the public. All I can really offer is that there were numerous trash/recycling bins available around the buildings, but they were ALWAYS outside. Also there were no bins in enclosed subway areas, but there were some on outdoor platforms. This is probably due to there being plenty of ventilation outside in case of another sarin incident. Also the bins now are kept very neat & clean, meaning they are tended to often (aka, they are being checked often). That was what I experience when I lived there not too long ago. From my research/reading in their govt policies, Tokyo is proud of how clean they keep things (& continue to improve), which is why recycling bins are so widely available, but to head any incidents off at the pass, they are monitored regularly. :D

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    I’ve been asking myself this question all the time. now it makes sense. XD
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    Nicee. now i know.
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