Ever come across an utterly bizarre invention and snapped your fingers looking for the right word to describe the oddity? Have no fear, an enterprising Japanese gentlemen called Kenji Kawakami has coined a term, Chindōgu, to classify this type of crazy innovations.

The term Chindōgu encompasses any invention which is so mind-bogglingly absurd that you forget about its actual practicality. So popular was this notion that Kawakami actually founded an organization around this theme called international Chindōgu society.

Defining a particular gadget as Chindōgu-worthy is harder than it looks. The Chindogu society dictates several tenets which must apply to the said invention.

This includes prerequisites like the invention being useless and the fact that it must be real and not just a concept. Furthermore, according to these rules, a Chindōgu is ideally created as an item for daily use.

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    A rather good satire towards western consumerist conformity.
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