Have you seen Funky Forest?

I just watched a clip on YT and am thoroughly disturbed…

  1. tadumtsssjapanloveからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    porque mierda vi esa weaaaaaa….. mis ojosss…… AHHHHGGggg
  2. soudofrainの回答: Yes. It’s like a train of bizarre, ‘erotic’, surreal dreams :O
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  4. drumthesticksjapanloveからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    omg really weird….. don’t think i’ll dare to watch the whole movie LOL.
  5. inmylittlepocketの回答: omg what is that?
  6. sakurako22の回答: I don’t know it….
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  11. charlietheunicorn711japanloveからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    ………………………..the hell did I just watch? O.o
  12. kojikunの回答: No I haven’t seen it, its so damn weird but I like it.
  13. lovercopsの回答: Now, I wanna see it LOL
  14. chrysanthemum-bluesjapanloveからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    what the shit did i just watch o.o
  15. tardisunderthemoonの回答: see now I am afraid…to even look it up @_@
  16. adacchinの回答: …the fuck did i just watch ._.
  17. bossuchijapanloveからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    Why am I laughing so hard
  18. vanessaaaaaの回答: omg wth did i just watch…ahahaha
  19. lonely-mileの回答: woah
  21. nyann-juの回答: HAHA! omg this is my second time watching this, I still go ‘wtf!”
  22. sharedsilhouetteの回答: WHAT THE FUCK THATS AWESOME
  23. 14212510の回答: oh god, the second time i’ve seen this, FMLFMLFML it was so weird, it still is weird, and /dead
  24. end-im-blindの回答: the hell did I just watch?!
  25. somethingxbluejapanloveからリブログしました
  26. somethingxblueの回答: WTF is that?
  27. gigakitsの回答: It’s probably the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.
  28. supreme-nothingの回答: I’ve seen it, it’s freakin’ nuts!!!!
  29. murasakiyoseiの回答: Never heard of it
  30. daringtobreatheの回答: Nope, care to share what it is?
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