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Jellyfish at the Osaka Aquarium by kevin dooley on Flickr.

Night view from Westin Tokyo by Joi on Flickr.


The Scenery of Cybercity by OiMax on Flickr.

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匿名 asked: you do realize that japan is a country, right? with people? and not a zoo, with animals, exhibits, and rides for your white amusement?


are you fucking serious?

and “white amusement”?

i’m not fucking white

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This meal in the photo is from when I visited my grandparents in Hyogo-ken. There’s tempura, miso-shiru, konyaku with some miso “sauce”, etc. Delicious food, as mentioned in the link below. Oshibori (the yellow hand towel towards the top) that is given to clean your hands, part of customer service, which is also mentioned.
10 Things Japan Gets Incredibly Right

I would have also added their sense of aesthetics/beauty (especially in terms of “wa”) and sense of omoiari (act of thinking about others (and acting upon them)) and omotenashi (as advertised for Tokyo Olympics, the heart of Japanese hospitality). Both things can get overboard, but they’re still wonderful teachings.

Thank you!

My heart goes out to the families and friends that have been affected by the South Korean Ferry disaster :(

Feeling on top of the World in Tokyo (And HAPPY NEW YEAR Flickr mates!) by Stuck in Customs on Flickr.

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Blue Fish Village (by torne (where’s my lens cap?))

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戸田文具店 by m-louis on Flickr.


匿名 asked: This is probably not under your... jurisdiction (cant find another word), but would it be possible for you to compile a list of Japanese artistes' Instagram accounts?

i don’t use instagram, i wouldn’t know where to start tbh ^^;;

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KITTY | クルミクロニクル


autumn day by OiMax on Flickr.


Morning view from Westin Tokyo by Joi on Flickr.