Hustlin’, Shibuya (by The Microscopic Giant)

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Kyoto Temple (by Sebastian_Lange)

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there’s gonna be a Liar Game Korean remake?!?!?!?!?!


Geiko (geisha) Miharu in Gion. Shikomi-san in the background. (Japanresor/CC BY-SA)

family (by Tagosaku)

Drinkin’ Boys by DJ OZMA

Title: GOD KNOWS Artist: Hirano Aya (Suzumiya Haruhi) 40,775 再生


God Knows… | Hirano Aya

Never watched the anime but I love this song!

匿名 asked: wait a minute that burger thing you just posted the japanese says chocolate WHAT PART IS CHOCOLATE THIS IS KILLING ME

i think there is a pack of 3 choco burgers that go with the actual burger? i’m basing this off of this site




垂櫻 (by βλμε (小五))

Title: Idol Fancy Artist: Capsule feat. Hazel Nuts Chocolate 10,323 再生


Idol Fancy | Capsule feat. Hazel Nuts Chocolate


SESIDE TOP 20140811-DSC_0219 (by taitan-no)


Math book cover photo includes Japanese adult video actor ›

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when your headphones break and there is only sound from one side



A lot on his mind. Rakan in Toyama. Photo by Japanresor (CC BY-SA)