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日本 (by gullevek)

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Opened Mega Muffin Set (by damiengabrielson.com)

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Ginza, Tokyo (by kalcul)

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匿名 asked: Where do you download your music from?


Shibuya Crossing 3 (by damiengabrielson.com)

匿名 asked: Yo dude, don't worry about that email because it's a fake, I think they're just trying to scare good settled in blogs with a lot of followers, there's a lot of people that've gotten these emails and most of them haven't ever infringed anything so idk, you should also just email tumblr and ask them yourself !!

yeah sent them an email awhile ago. hopefully it’s a mistake

Got an email from tumblr giving me a final warning for copyright infringement (I’m thinking because of my audio posts) before they plan on deleting my account. (So I’m gonna delete all my audio posts to see if that’s been the problem because so far they haven’t said which posts I have infringed on. - will wait for tumblr’s response first) Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

吉祥寺|Kichijoji, Tokyo (by sophiehuang)

karasawa (by dice-kt)

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